Casual employees are important to organisations of all sizes, and these workers make up approximately one-quarter of Australia’s entire workforce. With long shifts, irregular hours and minimal contractual commitment, there can be a level of long-term uncertainty. This is why management needs to place due focus on retention strategies, to keep casual employees motivated and engaged. Here’s a few tips to help motivate and retain your casual employees.

Build a community
Almost half of all casual employees stay with an organisation for less than a year, which can create a sense of disconnect with the organisational dynamics. Their shifts can be sporadic, and time is often split between various locations, making it difficult to create an all-inclusive workplace culture. It’s important to create a sense of community within the workplace, that nurtures the relationships of your casual employees. Ensure your staff remain engaged with the organisation, through regular and transparent communication. Staff retention typically improves after ShiftMatch is implemented, as the consistent and improved communication helps contribute to the overall sense community amongst casual workers.

Respecting diversity and fostering mutual understanding
Leveraging the individual abilities of each staff member will offer significant benefits at both a team and organisational level. As a manager, you should always be looking to challenge your staff and help them develop and build upon their skills. Not only does this contribute largely to the organisational efficiency, it fosters the growth of mutual understanding and increases your employee’s sense of fulfilment and ultimately job satisfaction.

Demonstrate job security and flexibility
The nature of casual employment is that it provides a level of uncertainty around job security. This crucial factor indicates the need for employers to demonstrate flexibility and transparency towards the hours available to each staff member, as a method of reassurance. ShiftMatch’s software gives casual staff greater control over their work/life balance, allowing them to pick up as much or as little work as they require and only be notified about the shifts they want. The ability to align work preferences without prejudice instils an invaluable sense of empowerment amongst employees, builds trusting relationships and ultimately leads to higher levels of retention.

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