Have you ever been asked to “do more with less”? In many organisations, it’s a euphemism that often means you need to produce the same results with less staff, less resources and less money.

“Doing more with less” is the common aspiration for many of Australia’s organisations, as they strive to provide the best possible result while implementing cost-efficient operating strategies. ShiftMatch is built to help you do just that – fill your vacant shifts with the right worker, while giving back valuable time and reducing spend on external resources.

The sophisticated software automates the process of filling unexpected shifts in your roster, through communicating with your pool of staff members via SMS. Rather than spending hours on the phone to try and find a replacement, ShiftMatch will do this in an instant, and you can rest assured knowing the right person, with the right skills, will turn up to the right shift.

ShiftMatch also provides considerable benefits for your casual employees. It gives staff the ability to align their work preferences without prejudice, and only receive communication for the times they want to work. Not only does this empower staff, but it also instils a sense of community as they feel a valued and respected member of the organisation.

In the changing workforce, businesses are increasingly turning toward part-time and casual employees to bolster productivity and competitiveness. ShiftMatch is an essential management tool to ensure every vacant shift is matched and filled with the right worker.

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